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December 10, 2013

{Libi & Lola} $50 Holiday Giveaway | Hosted by [oomph]


Becks is one of my fave bloggers <3

Hi Everyone!

It is GIVEAWAY time! Why not offer two gifts?! One for you and one for your bestie!? 
Tis the season of giving!

Head over to [oomph] and enter to WIN two Libi & Lola gift cards.

Heart you guys.
Thank you so much for participating.


December 2, 2013

Top 10 Things I Think You Should Know This Week

1. Cyber Monday is pretty awesome...You can save 35% OFF at Libi & Lola today. Use Code: Cyber at checkout

2. My favorite song of the moment...Rap God. I can't help it, Eminem fan for life.

3. 23 Days until Christmas. Have you done one of these yet?

4. Libi & Lola released a new Customized Bracelet Piece.

5. Paul Walker died. Sadface. He was the best part of the Fast and Furious franchise. May he rest in peace.

6.  My fave shopping app Poshmark turns two this week. Cheers to them, they are a wonderful company and continue to inspire me! Happy Birthday! Shop my closet.  xo

7.  One of my fave weekend looks of the moment | Kier's Weekend Wear

8.  Libi & Lola is participating in the Blend Holiday Campaign...Pretty Excited. Download it and share to win a ton of free stuff...this video of theirs just went viral....

9.  On Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2013 is #givingtuesday. Participate in the Stop Hunger Now campaign and help support those who are hungry, as well as those affected by the Typhoon in the Philippines.

10. I realllyyy want one of these Cleansing Brushes for Christmas. Any recommendations on the best one?!
^ ok 9 things you should know and 1 thing I would like to know...sounds fair. 

Heart you guys.

October 8, 2013

{Libi & Lola} + East vs. West Collab

                   District Sparkle | Living After Midnite | The Right Shoes | Golden Divine | Pursuit of Shoes | {Oomph} 
Living After Midnite

Pursuit of Shoes
District Sparkle



Libi & Lola is participating in the last week of this current East vs. West Collboration!

Check out how these lovely and super stylish ladies styled their Libi & Lola Jewels!


July 3, 2013

Work The Net - Margaret Vera

Black Leather Hippie Headband w/ Red Flower Detail

Leather Hippie Headband

Vibrant Knit Infinity Scarves

Dark Brown Belt & Leather Cuff
Hi Everyone!

I am SO excited to be bringing back the Work the Net feature on my blog! As an entrepreneur and small business owner myself, I know that getting your designs and brand out there can be tedious and hard work. I am all about finding new brands and small stores on the net, there can be some pretty cool gems if you look hard enough. 

Which brings me to the leather, hippie and boho designers of the brand: Margaret Vera

Margaret Vera is a handmade fashion accessories company specializing in unique bohemian style.  Each piece is designed and handcrafted by owner Meg Councilman and her brother.  The company features exotic leather bracelets, such as stingray and alligator as well as leather hippie headbands, belts, silk scarves, leather wallets and bags.  Most pieces are one of a kind, which makes them even more special. The company was recently featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Meg was kind enough to offer a 15% off coupon for Hot Pink Day readers CODE: hotpinkday

Head over and check out their handcrafted designs!


Libi & Lola-Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Pinterest

*Work the Net is a feature of small business and designers from all over the internet. Please email me if you are a small business or designer and would like to participate. 

June 3, 2013

[Oomph.] of a GIVEAWAY

These Gatsby Earrings have been all the rage on Libi & Lola 

Pants: H&M - Shoes: Anne Klein - Top: UO - Satchel: : Libi & Lola (WIN one here

Enter this SUMMER KICKOFF GIVEAWAY to WIN this Satchel<3 
Heyyy Everyone! 

Happy Monday! 

I was all about mixing the other day when shooting these photos...Prints and Primaries...Oooo. 

Libi & Lola is TOTES excited to be hosting a GIVEAWAY on one of my fave blogs [oomph.] 

Go check it out and enter it up! Heart you guys! 


March 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

Small Town Chic GIVEAWAY

Click HERE to ENTER 

Hey Everyone!

In spirit of the upcoming holiday that you either love or hate we have a GIVEAWAY that will you will love...Enter for a chance to win Libi & Lola's ever so popular Bo Peep Ring & Marley Pink Bracelet

Check out Miss Cat's blog Small Town Chic and discover her style!


November 9, 2012

{Visionary} Teen Fashion Corner

Groove Love/Two Toned Chronography/Taylor Burg Set/Shasta Gold

Same items as above except for the: New York Gold Bracelet

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Check out these awesome sets done by a Libi & Lola friend! She obvi has a great eye for fashion and ESPECIALLY jewels and handbags ;-)

Please stop by her just as awesome blog Teen Fashion Corner and say Hello! 

Thanks Magdalena! 

Have a fab weekend everyone, I'm off to Tahoe to play in the snow! Yee! 

October 3, 2012

$25 Libi & Lola {GIVEAWAY}


Hey Everyone!

Meet Megan from the For All Things Lovely blog. LOVE her name! ;-)

I have been following her blog for awhile and I am always impressed with her put together style, that is chic and trendy yet always classic. Not easy to pull that off and she makes it look absolutely effortless. Also, her blog design is amazing! Always clean, fresh and ready with a new post! LOVE.

As you can see she has a fab taste in jewelry and accessories, so I contacted her to see if she would be down with a GIVEAWAY for Libi & Lola. She was...yay AND she modeled the Poppy Clutch in Red (Which has of course sold out the second she posted, but I do have blue) perfectly!                                Check it out and enter for a chance to WIN $25 Dolla to my shop! 

Thanks Megan and Everyone else for participating! 

September 27, 2012


Hey Heyyy!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and participated in the Libi & Lola Giveaways! I could not be more grateful! There is still time to enter so if you would like click here here and here for a chance to win! :-)
I think the I am most excited to have some NEW blogs, tweeters and pinners to follow! Always fun finding  creative and stylish people that I haven't seen before.

When I opened Libi & Lola I wanted people to relate by asking themselves who are their Libi and Lola's, their inner style egos and how they played out in their styles and looks in their everyday lives. I want people to connect with the different names in the sense that each one is the same person, but depending on occasion, lifestyle, moment, who shines at that time and how would you put that look together. For me Libi is conservative, solid colored, minimal bling and structured in a way. Lola is my crazy patterned side, bright lipstick and definitely NOT afraid to wear color.

I am blessed to have some uber stylish friends in my life, one of my favorites including my sister from another family Jamie. She helped kick off what will eventually be a series with others of how she perceives Libi & Lola through her sense of style.

What do you guys think? 

Thanks babe these are awesome! If you guys wanna participate let me know, I would love to have you! 

Heart you! 

September 24, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Kacie's Closet


Daisyrae Boutique

Hey Everyone! 

On a roll with these giveaways and I could not be more excited! Please feel free to enter them all and have a chance to win a piece of your choice from Libi & Lola....PLUS all the blogs hosting are absolutely AMAZING! 

This lil lady is fashionable, sweet, beautiful and also an entrepreneur with her SUPER cute clothing shop Daisyrae Boutique...A win win all rolled into one!

I came across Kacie's Closet a couple months ago and was instantly drawn to her effortless style and talent of putting simple pieces together and making them look extra chic.

She is hosting a Libi & Lola Giveaway this week and I could not be more excited, Please head over and check her blog out and enter to win! 

Heart you guys have a fab day! 


September 22, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Lenore Lame

Lenore Lame GIVEAWAY

Hey Heyyy Everyone! 

Who doesn't love a stylish midwest girl who knows how to put an outfit together!?! Ok maybe...just maybe I am a lil biased considering I am from Nebraska and am into fashion like this chica but I must admit I love how this girl puts stuff together. 

Introducing Jacy from Lenore Lame
Her blog is an ode to college students who love fashion but are on a budget. I CAN RELATE! You make it look easy girl! 

She is hosting a Libi & Lola Giveaway this week and I think you should head over and check it out...Not only will you find some awesome inspiration but you also get to enter for a chance to WIN a piece of your choice from my shop

You guys are awesome, have a fab weekend!


September 21, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Fashion Addict

Fashion Addict GIVEAWAY

Heyy Heyy Everyone Happy Friday! 

I have some SUPER special GIVEAWAYS this next week and I am SO excited! First up...Meet Kier of the Fashion Addict blog!! A SoCal girl with a knack for putting color and stylish pieces together and making them look extra good! 

I started following Fashion Addict a few months ago and am completely hooked on her effortless style....Not too mention shes always doing something fun and as a self proclaimed party girl I can definitely relate with her. To top it off she has a mermaid tattoo...I LOVE Mermaids!! Too cute!

Stop by her blog...Read through it and PLEASE enter the Libi & Lola Giveaway for a chance to win a piece of your choice from my shop! 

Have a fab day guys, thanks for being awesome!!

August 15, 2012

So Far

Hey Everyone!!

WOW! What a great week it has been since opening my new shop Libi & Lola! Thank you to everyone who signed up and for all you shoppers who went for it and got first dibs on some awesome finds! New stuff is added EVERYDAY so be sure to check back!

So far there have been two popular questions that have been asked about the shop so I thought I would clear them up for those who are asking....

1. How did you come up with the name Libi & Lola?

Anyone out there a shower thinker? You know when ALL your best ideas and ventures come to you in the quiet, serene setting of a hot shower...Well I am definitely a shower thinker...the Libi & Lola idea came to me during a daily session and was an instant hit in my mind, VOILA! Libi & Lola was born.

2. Who is Libi & Lola?

The idea behind the two names is that they reach my inner style alter egos....I am convinced everyone has them. Some days I feel like I wanna be more subtle, add some solid colors and not be so loud (This is Libi) and some days I like to throw on every bright patterned thing in my closet with two coats of red lipstick and call it good (This is Lola). This is who they are to me...who are they to you?

Our first GIVEAWAY is in full effect! Please stop by and enter for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Libi & Lola! Thank you Sarah for hosting and congrats on the one year of blogging!

Heart you guys,

April 19, 2012


Shoes: BCBG

Jewels Minus MK Watch: Blue Vanilla

Summmmmerrrrtimmmee is approaching and I could not be more excited! If only I could clear up my schedule just a lil bit for some free time, the beach would be in my near future...Must work on that.

Dana and I headed out last weekend and met some fun blogger chicas and chatted up for the afternoon, there is nothing better then meeting other chicks with the same interest as you. I wore this snazzy dress I scored on Asos and matched my lips to it...Felt fancy so I dug it.

Just a quick FYI all the Giveaways Blue Vanilla is hosting are now posted at the top right of my blog...Enter them...You get free stuff. Have a fabulous rest of your day!

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