March 29, 2012

Bday Wishes

Birthday wishes

Hey Chicks!

So it is that time of year again...very special day BIRTHDAY! I thought about doing a wishlist and hoping my bf or bff's check my blog and run out tonight and grab everything on my list in hopes that it would be sitting on the table when I awake tomorrow morning...but, I didn't wanna be a burden. So instead I daydreamed and browsed and found the PERFECT outfit for a day like my bday. I wish each one of these items were hanging in my closet cause I would rock this look and act as if I had somewhere absolutely fabulous to be! 

What do you think? Do you dress up for your special day?


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March 22, 2012


Dress: Jack BB Dakota
Belt: Vintage

Bracelets: Blue Vanilla
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Heels: Steve Madden
Hi Everyone!

I finally got to pull a Spring time dress out, thank goodness I hate the idea of Winter.

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March 14, 2012

Chictopia Is In Bloom

Hey Chicas! 
Blue Vanilla is participating in the Chictopia Is In Bloom Campaign and we are offering a selection of our items at 20% off! Head on over and check out the other sellers also offering a discount on their items! SUCH CUTE STUFF! 

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A couple of the items we are listing:

The sale is only running until March 30th!
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March 9, 2012

Date Night

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Friday. Today I would like to talk about date night and guys.

Now my babe knows how passionate I am about fashion and style and dressing in all kinds of layers and he supports that...on most days. Except for date night...on date nights he requires some leg or cleavage crazy floral or aztec crazy mix of bulky questions. WHYYY! WHyyyYY MUST guys be like that?! I LOVE FLORAL PATTERNS!

Unfortunately for him I am an Aries and someone trying to tell me what to wear just doesn't fly with me as easily as some I still layer...Example from last weekend:

Please believe there was no wearing of my blazer in the restaurant....Compromise I guess.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Castro in SF
Blazer: Ebay
Shoes: Nine West
Purse: Coach (Poshmark)
Bracelets: Blue Vanilla

You know what it is...Guys just like simple. At least mine likes simple. What about you, does your significant other ever say anything about your look when they are taking you out?!...I cannot be the only one.

Have a fabulous weekend...I am off to another Friday date  night ;-)


ps...thanks babe for taking these photos...Heart you!

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March 2, 2012

Made It

To the beach! Best place EVER for business meetings! This was a SUPER casual you can see. But the weather was perfect and the sunset was beautiful and anytime I can make it to the beach in February I am happy.

Dana and I attended the LIVE San Francisco Poshparty this week and it was FABULOUS! Always fun hanging with local bloggers while enjoying cupcakes and champagne....Perfection.

Do any of the chicks look familiar to you? Me, Angie, Adiel, Dana, Santina 
I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned! C'mon 5 o' clock!


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