October 29, 2010

It's About That Time...

Jacket: Silence and Noise Urban Outfitters, Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Macys, Shorts: Thrifted, Tights: Target

Happy Friday my Lovely Readers!! Thank you for being here and for all your encouraging and sweet comments...I really do appreciate them all! <3

Pumpkin carving is a tradition for so many people...and even though I go and get pumpkins every single year...I had yet to carve one. I think because everyone was worried about me holding and using a knife, I tend to be slightly clumsy and forget what i'm doing in a split second. This year though I took the lead...gutted my own...found a knife (that wasnt too sharp) and carved my winking "O" face pumpkin you see displayed here! Proud of myself I must say :)
I didnt get a great picture of what I was wearing but it was a black and gray palette with the cut off and tights trend that I find so easy to put together.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Stay safe and warm! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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October 27, 2010

Cant Believe its Only Wednesday...

Jacket: Buffalo Exchange, Top: Trash and Luxury, Leggings: F21
Shoes: Hot Topic, Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs
I love shirts with faces on them...especially comfortable and soft ones.It says Creme de la creme on it, which means elite: the very best of a group of people or things...haha I'll take it! This one was only five bucks from plundr ....total score and perfect for winter time!
Soooooo stoked for this weekend...I cant wait to get all dressed up and party with my most favorite people!

Has everyone got there costumes together yet? Yayyy...I LOVE Halloween!


October 25, 2010

World Series Madness

Knee Highs:F21, Shoes: Franco Sarto
Dress:JCrew (Thrifted)

Jacket: Levis, Scarf: F21, Sunnies: Chanel, Bracelet: Flea Market

GO SF GIANTS! They finally did it and what a wonderful game it was, other then the torturous 9th inning!! Cant wait to see them win it!! 
What a great weekend, fall is in full force here in California and I couldn't be more stoked to pull out every layer I have lingering in my closet. I was on my way to watch the game and be out for the rest of the night so I had to make sure I had enough clothes to keep me warm yet enough layers to take off when the dance floor effect took place.... These red shoes are some of my favorite and most comfortable in my closet, I go for them whenever I feel my outfit needs a little spice. :) 

Happy Monday Everyone!!! 

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October 21, 2010

Play The Song a Little Louder

Sneaks: Etnies zappos

As you might have figured out by now I am a total music buff...I love all kinds of music and dont like a genre better then the other...I just like to jam and I like good music. Amanda Blank is in the genre of Spank Rock and I totally dig her album and style.
Do you like my shoes? I have had them forever and cant remember the last time I pulled them out of there box...I dont usually buy sneakers...but i couldnt resist the hand painted design on these...so different I heart them :)

October 20, 2010

My new LOVE

Tshirt: Hellz Bellz, Jeans: Roxy, Shoes: Lulu's

Bag: Deux Lux

I am a total freak when it comes to shoes and purses, I could have an arm load of clothing ready to buy and all it takes is one pair of shoes or one sparkly bag to make me drop everything just to have what my eyes see. I found this iridescent shiny beauty online and waited patiently for two weeks for it too arrive...it was one of those things that once I opened it I jumped up and down for a couple minutes expressing my love for it...then quickly put all my goodies from my other purse inside just so I could test it out. Awww love purses...they make my heart sing.
I also love all sparkly things that catch your eye...im pretty sure most girls like sparkly thing though... they make the world go round :)

October 18, 2010

Love to Love

Dress Urban Outfitters, Stockings: Target, Shoes: Forever, Blazer: Ann Taylor

October 15, 2010

Bitter:Sweet To My Ears

My bestie showed me this group...love them! <3

Happy Friday Everyone!

October 14, 2010

Hello Halloween

Care Bears That Cared 

I heart Halloween more then any other holiday...Its one where you can be creative and imagine being all the different things you've seen throughout the year and said "I should be that for Halloween"....then once it comes time to choose something, you have no idea and just pick the cutest one you like at the moment. Awww love it...Last year the roomie and I did similar outfits. We were Lady Gaga at work and Care Bears that cared at the parties. This year I have a hottie on my side which is unheard of for me and were gonna do a sort of theme kind of thing...excited to share....hmmm well see :) ...Cant wait to show you pictures from this year...the girls and the guy and I are heading to an extreme party in San Francisco: Nightmare on Van Ness
Its appears were gonna be fly like a G6 and I'm gonna learn how to dougie...oh man...It should be interesting!

Rah Rah ahahaaa...Gaga

October 12, 2010

Oh My My Oh Hell Yes...

Jacket: Tahoe, Bag: TJ Maxx, Dress: Hellz Bellz. Socks: Forever21, Shoes: Journeys
Ring: 25 cent machine lol

Sorry for the title...but I totally have some Tom Petty stuck in my head...Happens to me everyday.
I didnt do much last night but have wine and movie night with the love...but I did manage to snap a few pix of what I wore. I usually used this dress as a swimsuit cover because it was slightly too big but I accidently dried it and VOILA fits like my size now.... I scored this dress off the Plndr website a couple months ago for 10 bucks... if you haven't signed up for that they have great deals everyday. Plus is they have guys deals too with some pretty awesome stuff....for those of you who like to dress there significant others! ;-)

Have a fabulous day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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October 11, 2010

Easy and Breezy

Sweater: Forever21 Skirt: Forever 21, Bag: TJ Maxx
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples, Earrings: Urban Outfitters, Ring: Roomies (Garage Sale), bracelet :Urban Outfitters

Shoes:Miss Sixty
 It has been absolutely beautiful in California these last few weeks....and I am totally taking advantage. I have a hard time reverting back to summer wear though once my groove has changed into fall. So I went with light and airy for my Saturday afternoon. I scored this sweater and skirt at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago and was SOOOooo excited to add it to my fall wardrobe. My boyfriend didn't understand it.... didn't like the colors or lack of skin lol...so I promptly gave him a lesson on fall fashion. Oh well some day he will understand my method of madness.

I would also like to thank all my followers and commenter's for your advice and encouragement...I appreciate it SO much!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

October 8, 2010

Hooked On This...Love Gun

I cant stop listening to this song by Melody Thornton...

Happy Friday!!

October 6, 2010

We Made It!

I love it when you put time and effort into getting pretty and when you arrive at your destination theres a professional photographer that wants to take your picture.....Then he Photoshops it so you look awesome.... Luckyy...

Photo taken at Sabor: Iloveclubin

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October 5, 2010

Hot Mess

Top: Gap, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Thighs highs: American Apparel
So I wasn't going to post these photos cause I didn't get a good shot of my shoes...which were my booties. But I couldn't stop myself from laughing at my complete mess of a room! Seriously I have things on every door...rolling clothing racks because my closet is too full... AND this is me downsized...seriously...I need to get it together!

Anyone else have this problem?!....

October 4, 2010

Living the Dream...

Jumpsuit: DKNY Shoes: GoJane

Art show in Downtown San Jose, CA

Bag: Thrifted in Santa Cruz, Ring: Urban Outfitters, Earrings: Forever 21


I needed a night out with my babes...Friday night was it...we drank...laughed...looked at some art and danced our booties off...GOOD TIMES!
I was so stoked to wear my new silky jumpsuit I scored at a Loehmann's sale for 16 bucks! Had a tag on it for 69.00...I couldn't have been more proud of myself! haha... Also I shared these shoes in a previous post, though I had yet to wear them on a night out...Surprisingly they didn't kill my feet at all and I danced the night away in them...Nothing makes the night even better when your shoes are comfortable and HOT!


October 1, 2010

So Stoked!

As most of you know I have a tight group of fabulous girlfriends...we go on tons of adventures and take a lot of photos! One of these lovely ladies has a cousin whose an artist (I posted some photos from his FB), pretty talented I must say. Well much to our surprise he enjoyed are adventure photos just as much as we do and offered to draw us! I'm SO STOKED! I don't think I have ever been drawn/sketched/painted by anyone with this amount of talent...Feeling pretty lucky...Stay tuned for the finished piece!

Check out his website for even more of his work!

Samir Rahimi