September 27, 2012


Hey Heyyy!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and participated in the Libi & Lola Giveaways! I could not be more grateful! There is still time to enter so if you would like click here here and here for a chance to win! :-)
I think the I am most excited to have some NEW blogs, tweeters and pinners to follow! Always fun finding  creative and stylish people that I haven't seen before.

When I opened Libi & Lola I wanted people to relate by asking themselves who are their Libi and Lola's, their inner style egos and how they played out in their styles and looks in their everyday lives. I want people to connect with the different names in the sense that each one is the same person, but depending on occasion, lifestyle, moment, who shines at that time and how would you put that look together. For me Libi is conservative, solid colored, minimal bling and structured in a way. Lola is my crazy patterned side, bright lipstick and definitely NOT afraid to wear color.

I am blessed to have some uber stylish friends in my life, one of my favorites including my sister from another family Jamie. She helped kick off what will eventually be a series with others of how she perceives Libi & Lola through her sense of style.

What do you guys think? 

Thanks babe these are awesome! If you guys wanna participate let me know, I would love to have you! 

Heart you! 

September 24, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Kacie's Closet


Daisyrae Boutique

Hey Everyone! 

On a roll with these giveaways and I could not be more excited! Please feel free to enter them all and have a chance to win a piece of your choice from Libi & Lola....PLUS all the blogs hosting are absolutely AMAZING! 

This lil lady is fashionable, sweet, beautiful and also an entrepreneur with her SUPER cute clothing shop Daisyrae Boutique...A win win all rolled into one!

I came across Kacie's Closet a couple months ago and was instantly drawn to her effortless style and talent of putting simple pieces together and making them look extra chic.

She is hosting a Libi & Lola Giveaway this week and I could not be more excited, Please head over and check her blog out and enter to win! 

Heart you guys have a fab day! 


September 22, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Lenore Lame

Lenore Lame GIVEAWAY

Hey Heyyy Everyone! 

Who doesn't love a stylish midwest girl who knows how to put an outfit together!?! Ok maybe...just maybe I am a lil biased considering I am from Nebraska and am into fashion like this chica but I must admit I love how this girl puts stuff together. 

Introducing Jacy from Lenore Lame
Her blog is an ode to college students who love fashion but are on a budget. I CAN RELATE! You make it look easy girl! 

She is hosting a Libi & Lola Giveaway this week and I think you should head over and check it out...Not only will you find some awesome inspiration but you also get to enter for a chance to WIN a piece of your choice from my shop

You guys are awesome, have a fab weekend!


September 21, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} Fashion Addict

Fashion Addict GIVEAWAY

Heyy Heyy Everyone Happy Friday! 

I have some SUPER special GIVEAWAYS this next week and I am SO excited! First up...Meet Kier of the Fashion Addict blog!! A SoCal girl with a knack for putting color and stylish pieces together and making them look extra good! 

I started following Fashion Addict a few months ago and am completely hooked on her effortless style....Not too mention shes always doing something fun and as a self proclaimed party girl I can definitely relate with her. To top it off she has a mermaid tattoo...I LOVE Mermaids!! Too cute!

Stop by her blog...Read through it and PLEASE enter the Libi & Lola Giveaway for a chance to win a piece of your choice from my shop! 

Have a fab day guys, thanks for being awesome!!

September 12, 2012

Black, Black, Black & Blue

Top: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: BCBG

Polka Dot Shorts
Le Pink Clutch

Liya Earrings
Crescent Black Moon Necklace

Hey Everyone!

I have been on a "casually chic" kick lately and have been putting on clothing that is flowy, comfortable and only slightly fitting....Do you girls ever go through a moment where you just do NOT want anything hugging and forming around you!? That is where I am at the moment. I love love loveee belts for the fact that they always have your back in creating a waist. Blue and black have never been something I would normally reach for but I felt like the necklace, shoes and belt helped bring everything together...PLUS it's Fall...Time to try some new trends! 

Have you entered the Giveaway yet!? 100$ in shopping money!? My kind of giveaway....


September 11, 2012

Trends I Am Loving for Fall

Hey Heyy!

I have been on overload catching up with all the fashion shows from Fashion Week! So many cute looks to be excited about...

After swooning over some shows and my new InStlye I decided to put together some of my favorite picks and trendy clothes for Fall 2012.

I was thinking about how I separate what I wear and how depending on the place I visit depends on the type of clothing I wear...So I broke it down to three areas...Work Day, Happy Hour/Event and Casual Days. Do you dress different depending on where you are going?! This came so naturally that I didn't even realize how significantly different the looks are depending on the occasion.

What is your favorite Fall trend of 2012?!

ps...Still time to enter the GIVEAWAY!

September 5, 2012

Miinto Giveaway!

Hi Guys!

 I have a GIVEAWAY for you today!

Miinto Picks!'s $100 Gift Card giveaway! Miinto has some of the cutest stuff!! In 2009, Miinto was started by two Danish entrepreneurs who wanted to give small shops and boutiques an opportunity to compete online with giants in the fashion industry. It became really successful and arrived in the U.S. just last year. Showcasing almost 800 brands, their website offers style lovers unique and up-to-date fashion.Totally in love with SO many of their items...Can I please get a money tree?!

This giveaway will take place for two weeks starting September 3rd and running until midnight, September 16th. Use the rafflecopter code below to enter. Good luck!! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


September 4, 2012

New Arrivals {Libi & Lola}

Le Red Clutch
Libi's Night Out

Turq Hand Chain

Papaya Drops

Cheetah Girl

Lola's Night Out
Hi Everyone!!

Thought I would share some new arrivals that came in today and last week, Libi & Lola has new items daily so be sure to check back and see all the new stuff for Fall rolling in!

I currently have open spots for my affiliate program! If you are interested in making 10% on each sale that rolls through from your blog sign on up! If you have an idea for a blog post or giveaway let me know also, love working with different blogs and readers!

I have been making mood boards on my interpretation of who Libi & Lola is to me...I have some other bloggers and friends working on there own sets of who Libi & Lola represent to them. If you have your own ideas about who they are be sure to let me know!

Heart you guys!