December 31, 2017

Bronzed Humanity | Year in Review 2017

We want to finish this year by thanking everyone who has pushed us, gave advice or just liked one of our photos. Bronzed Humanity is so excited for what is to come.

Bronzed Humanity | Lauren & Megan
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Lashed You Out by Cianna
Lashed You Out by Cianna

Outlive Humanity Lotions
Outlive Humanity Lotions

Outlive Humanity Bar Soap
Oh My Cranberry Soap | Outlive Humanity

Outlive Humanity | Jamie Balkovec
Jamie | Outlive Humanity Creator

A year that we will remember forever. 

If any of you have a business or know someone who owns a small business, you know how much time and effort is needed. True dedication of an entrepreneur takes a solid idea and a solid group of people working towards the same goal.
Lauren & Megan spent the first part of 2017 handling business out of our small 6x7ft space in Oakridge Mall, during that time we also held a full time job outside of Bronzed Humanity and set a big goal to only be working on our shop by the end of the year. 
In April, we invited some of our closest friends and traveled to Panama for an amazing ten day trip that changed our lives and got us prepped for what was ahead. 
Jamie joined us in May, we buttered her up on our Panama trip and asked her to join onto our team and create a skincare line that is formulated for our Spray Tans. Voila, Outlive Humanity, an all natural and luxurious skincare line was formed. 
JUNE. This was where things got exciting. We found the storefront of our Dreams right up the street from our current spot, right on Blossom Hill and 800 SQUARE FEET. JULY 1st. We are open from 10am-9pm. Its the definition of dedication, we figured that out in the first three months as our lives/schedule drastically changed. NOVEMBER, the team said HELLO to Lashed You Out by Cianna and now Bronzed Humanity offers Luxury Eyelash Extensions. Working together is beautiful chaos, the team builds and gains strength daily, we also work hard to keep the positive energy strong. 
Main goals for 2018....DOUBLE our client list, open another location AND bring on a bigger team for eyelashes.  Wish us luck. 
Bronzed Humanity wouldn't be possible without you, thank you so much for coming along on our journey. Cheers and Happy New Year!
- Bronzed Humanity Team

December 11, 2017

Client Love | Steph Weizman

Bronzed & Beautiful | Stephanie Weizman

As salon owners we enjoy the beautiful things in life. Spray Tans, Lashes, Skincare, Fashion and most importantly People.

We have come across some fantastic people who really help propel Bronzed Humanity forward. This little lady has style, grace and the perfect Spray Tan all the time, she also helps us in so many ways.

Be sure to check out her Instagram & Blog... The style inspiration goes on for dayyysss.

If you are in the Bay Area and would like to collaborate, we are here...just drop us a line.