November 8, 2017

No More Bad Hair Dayz

FACT: A Healthy Scalp is the Most Important Component of a Healthy Head of Hair.

Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo

This is an ALL-NATURAL solution to a healthy scalp and luscious hair.

Do you have any of these problems?
  • Flaky Dead Skin on your Scalp
  • Oily Hair at your Roots
  • Itchy Head
  • Brittle Dry Hair
  • Scalp Blemishes
  • Untamable Locks
What Products do you use on your hair? Do they contain harsh man-made cosmetic grade petroleum, mineral oils? The problems listed above can be caused by what you use to cleanse your scalp. I can think of so many shampoos and conditioners that line the shelves of CVS that are cost effective but very damaging to the human body.

So, moral of this story... just as you should use all-natural products on your skin and eat clean ingredients, your hair and head should be no different.

Treat yourself and your body well, you only have one life to live.

PS. The Tea Tree Oil Shampoo above is amazing it leaves me feeling fresh and healthy, smells like a luxurious spa, and has 98 all-natural compounds to promote scalp health. Click to try out a Free Sample!

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November 6, 2017

LASHED YOU OUT | Luxury Lash Extensions

Lashed You Out Artist | Cianna Johns
Cianna | Luxury Lash Artist | Lashed You Out 

Lashed You Out | New Client Special

Lashed You Out | Cianna | Classic Full Set
Classic Full Set | New Client Special $99

Classic Set | Lashed You Out
Classic Set | Lashed You Out

Bronzed Humanity is SUPER excited to launch Lashed You Out, Luxury Eyelash Extensions.

We believe in offering high quality services and an environment that makes you feel good coming to and beautifying.

We welcome Cianna to the team as the head of Lashed You Out, her talent is unbelievable and she is extremely dedicated to her work.

Please check out some of her work on instagram | @lashedyouout @cj.lashes


We hope to see you in for Luxury Lash Extensions & a Spray Tan soon.