December 13, 2012

Gift Ideas!

Libi & Lola

Hi Everyone!

How's the gift buying coming along!? If you are on the search for some fabulous and affordable finds don't forget about Libi & Lola

I even have glitter wrapping paper...


December 5, 2012

Fancy Pants - Work Attire


Did you guys forget what I looked like!? This isn't really an outfit post...I just wanted to show some face on my beloved blog. Libi & Lola has been keeping me non stop busy....I am not complaining about the site being busy but it creates less time for blog photos which I will complain a little about. This is my work outfit....I can print, package, send emails and social network in it...the silky pants make everything a bit more comfortable... 

On an awesome note... I hired some HELP!!! WOO! THIS my lovelies will create more time for my blog....Thank GOODNESS!

Plan on seeing some real outfit posts soon...YEE! Heart you guys, Hope you are having an awesome Holiday Season! 


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