February 27, 2013

{Customized} Libi & Lola

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Gold Chain 19mm x 23mm with Crystal AB Swarovski

Gold Chain 19mm x 23mm with AB & Crystal Swarovski

Gold Chain 19mm x 23mm with Peach Swarovski

Gold Chain 19mm x 23mm with Peach Swarovski

Gunmetal Chain with Fuchsia Swarovski

Hey Everyone!
Just a little something I have been working on! When I introduced Designed By: Libi & Lola a couple months ago, I didn't realize how great of a response I would get and how creative people can be! I decided that instead of creating a million listing with a bunch of different Swarovski colors, YOU the buyer can customize the bracelet yourself. 

I am always up for creating and trying new things, so if you ever have a fab idea about something please let me know! Would love to create something awesome with you!

Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words, means the world to me! 


February 21, 2013


Swimsuit: Pandora Flutter Bikini Top by LUXE by Lisa Vogel

Maya Yellow Drops -  Aurora Grande Bracelet - Blue Hi Bracelet

I just can't WAIT for Summer....

Until then I will hang out in the hot tub in my new fave swimsuit

Hope everyone is having a fab week! 


February 19, 2013

Lovely World

Top: Gap, Earrings: V-Tree Drops,  Aurora Grande

Jello My Kitty

Sister from another family <3


I love spontaneous meet ups with my bestie in San Francisco...Especially when my new lens I waited a whole month for arrived that day! Couldn't help but snap some photos of some San Francisco street art on our walk to dinner....Oh and I added a photo of my furry co-worker and roommate Jello...She was excited about the lens too. 

Hope everyone is having a fab start to their week! 

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February 8, 2013

That Purple Skirt

White Blazer: Random, Top: Target, Skirt: Forever 21 Shoes: Audrey Brooks  

Bracelets: All Available Here, Black & White Ring, Tiki Ring, Le Melle Black Messenger

Necklace: Cotton Candy Bling
Happy Friday Everyone!

This outfit is the perfect example of an outfit that is super simple and when a bit of the right shoes and accessories are added the whole look comes together. I always love Forever 21 for their pencil skirts, tons of color, cheap and when your over them, they were cheap so who cares.

This sparkly necklace is my new fave...I can't wear heavy necklaces due to a neck injury...BUT I can wear them when their lightweight...This Cotton Candy Bling fits the specifics and is super cute! 

Hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend! Be sure to stop by and enter the Giveaway that Libi & Lola is hosting! 


February 6, 2013

Small Town Chic GIVEAWAY

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Hey Everyone!

In spirit of the upcoming holiday that you either love or hate we have a GIVEAWAY that will you will love...Enter for a chance to win Libi & Lola's ever so popular Bo Peep Ring & Marley Pink Bracelet

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February 5, 2013

Roses Are Red

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Heyyy Guys! Hope you had an eventful Super Bowl Sunday! Of course we all saw how great Queen B was during the halftime performance so I've picked a few items that are Beyonce inspired. Glitter, Glam and Bling come together in these amazing new items! My favorite would have to be the CĂ©line inspired black and blue handbag :) Hope you enjoyed the Valentine's-esque theme as it is right around the corner, so boys get to shopping for your Princesses. 


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