April 27, 2015

Libi & Lola | 2015 Summer Studs

Summer Studs 2015

Hi Gals!
Here are my favorite Libi & Lola studs for Summer! I love a small pop of color, yet still lightweight and pretty. Check out all the new arrivals <3
Top Left to Right:


April 23, 2015

Top Five | 2015 Summer Shades

2015 Summer Shades

I am obsessed with how cute the Summertime shades are this year...it was hard for me to pick my favorites! Ill take one of each please.

Top Left to Right:

April 15, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

I have a small confession.
I love youtube beauty and product videos. I am not sure why I find them so fascinating, but I actually learn a lot about makeup and products from these chicks and I can give them some props for the intro to some of the most glorious makeup products and techniques I could ever know.

With that being said...Here is a list of my Top Ten Favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube.

In no particular order...Each does their own thing.

1. NikkieTutorials - This girl has some major talent in the makeup application department... I think she explains and shows contouring and highlighting the best.

2. Casey Holmes - Not sure of her back story on YT...But I love watching her videos, she is funny and always has fun upbeat videos that seem to only be getting better.
She has a good 10 min go to makeup look.

3. Wayne Goss - This guy has some unreal techniques that he teaches in just a couple of mins.
I loved this video since I have slightly hooded and down turned eyes.

4. LoveMelisaMichelle - This girl is all personality which makes her videos fun to watch. She has a wide variety of videos, think my fave are her thorough reviews of new products. This L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte foundation she is reviewing is pretty awesome.

5. Desi Perkins - Flawless.
She recently did this awesome Lookbook video that I didn't think got enough play...SO GOOD...

6. Amanda Ensing - She is a makeup junkie and her best vids are her hauls and favorites. She tries everything.

7. Nicole Guerriero - She's cool...We would probably be real life friends. She loves all things beauty and makeup...You can see the variety in her vids.
She taught me the best way to do a powder foundation.

8. Laura Lee - It took me awhile to understand her personality, which is a good this...She's hilarious and really good at makeup.
I use this date night look all the time.

9. MannyMUA - This guy kills me. He is too funny and totally obsessed with makeup. He's way better at it then I am.

10. Jaclyn Hill - BOOM...Shes really good.

Did I introduce anyone new to you?! I watch a ton of different ones...But these are always the ones I tune into weekly.

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers?! Let me know so I can check them out!

Youtube addictions happen when you turn off cable.
It's ok I decided.


ps - No one asked me to do this...I just wanted to share.