December 19, 2013

ModCloth | Uniquely You

Modcloth | Uniquely You Contest

Hi Guys!

I've teamed with ModCloth, one of my fave online shops to create a simple look for a fabulous day out!

Hope your Holiday prep is going well!


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December 10, 2013

{Libi & Lola} $50 Holiday Giveaway | Hosted by [oomph]


Becks is one of my fave bloggers <3

Hi Everyone!

It is GIVEAWAY time! Why not offer two gifts?! One for you and one for your bestie!? 
Tis the season of giving!

Head over to [oomph] and enter to WIN two Libi & Lola gift cards.

Heart you guys.
Thank you so much for participating.


December 3, 2013

How to Order: Libi & Lola Customized Bracelets

Genuine Swarovski Crystals
               Aluminum Lightweight Chain - Lead & Nickel Compliant
Measure your wrist with a string and ruler - The average bracelet size is 6.5 Inches.

VOILA! Tag #libiandlola with your new bracelet to be Featured!
Hi Everyone!

I made it through this crazy retail weekend! Woo! 

A popular item and gift this weekend on Libi & Lola was our Custom Swarovski Bracelets in the Designed By Collection. I received a few emails about how to decide on color and chain when ordering these sparkly lil guys...I thought I would put together a little How To and some previous designs to help stir up some inspiration for you. 



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December 2, 2013

Top 10 Things I Think You Should Know This Week

1. Cyber Monday is pretty awesome...You can save 35% OFF at Libi & Lola today. Use Code: Cyber at checkout

2. My favorite song of the moment...Rap God. I can't help it, Eminem fan for life.

3. 23 Days until Christmas. Have you done one of these yet?

4. Libi & Lola released a new Customized Bracelet Piece.

5. Paul Walker died. Sadface. He was the best part of the Fast and Furious franchise. May he rest in peace.

6.  My fave shopping app Poshmark turns two this week. Cheers to them, they are a wonderful company and continue to inspire me! Happy Birthday! Shop my closet.  xo

7.  One of my fave weekend looks of the moment | Kier's Weekend Wear

8.  Libi & Lola is participating in the Blend Holiday Campaign...Pretty Excited. Download it and share to win a ton of free stuff...this video of theirs just went viral....

9.  On Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2013 is #givingtuesday. Participate in the Stop Hunger Now campaign and help support those who are hungry, as well as those affected by the Typhoon in the Philippines.

10. I realllyyy want one of these Cleansing Brushes for Christmas. Any recommendations on the best one?!
^ ok 9 things you should know and 1 thing I would like to know...sounds fair. 

Heart you guys.

December 1, 2013

{Instagram Moments} @libiandlola

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 
 Dedicated photo snapper right here. I feel like actual pictures of items I sell make it easier to see details. 

What do you think?

Follow my photo adventures here: @libiandlola

Make sure to #libiandlola to have your photos featured on Libi & Lola.

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November 30, 2013



I am a HUGE advocate for shopping at small businesses, not only because it helps out the economy

but also because I own one and know how challenging and hard it is to run a successful shop!

I urge everyone to shop at small businesses on Nov. 30th least one! Even if you just stop by

Thank you for all your support!

Enjoy 35% OFF at Libi & Lola - Code: shopsmall

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November 24, 2013

{Libi & Lola} Gift Ideas: Under $15

Gift Ideas Under $15

Arrow Gold Wrap

Gaga Green Drops

Gatsby Gold Stud

Green Dream Drops

Hamsa Gold Necklace

Hi Everyone!

It is that time again! The Holidays have arrived! The Libi & Lola campaign will involve 

affordable and great Gift Ideas as well as AWESOME deals! 

If you are in need of a custom gift or need multiples of an item, please feel free to email me, I am always happy to help.

Happy Holiday! 

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October 24, 2013

{New Arrivals} Libi & Lola

Monroe Studs | Jersey Drops

Ashley Mint Necklace

Missya Coral Drops | Chicago Blue Bracelet | Cumberland Peach Necklace 

Hi Everyone!

New arrivals are my favorite! Here are the most recent at Libi & Lola

Lots of layering, statements and bold colors heading into Winter.

Which one is your favorite?!


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October 14, 2013

Details | Mint Soiree Necklace

Machu Gold Ring - Pink Opal | Mint Soiree Necklace
Mint Soiree Necklace

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share the pretty details of this Mint Soiree Necklace...I love how its the perfect amount of color for any outfit. I paired it with a denim chambray shirt and a white gold zippered blazer.

Its also lightweight...Which is an absolute MUST for all day wear.

I have been wearing the Mermaid Blue Necklace on heavy rotation also. 
Mermaid Blue Necklace

What is your favorite Fall Accessory?!

Make sure to take a peek at all the New Necklace Arrivals at Libi & Lola.


October 2, 2013

Blend + Libi & Lola

Download: Blend

Libi & Lola Blend

Blend guys promoting on the USC campus. 

Hi Everyone!

It is no secret that I love people with ambition, passion and great ideas.

Living in Silicon Valley it is normal to talk about building Apps and working to use them to make our lives more fun or easier to function. 

The Blend app co-founders approached me a couple months ago excited about their launch, idea and so passionate about what they are doing.  The best part about the conversation is they wanted Libi & Lola to participate in the launch of something they are working hard at. Blend is a college based app that urges students to post a blend themed photo for snaps and with those snaps you can earn free stuff. What college student doesn't love free stuff?! Great idea guys. 

The Blend app has been live for the last couple of months and is gaining interest and exposure from curious college students across the country...If you attend a college in the United States check it out!

Happy to share the idea and help promote...Can't wait to let you guys in on the other fun apps I have been working with! 


September 9, 2013

Work The Net - WOOED

Hey Guys! Its another edition of Work The Net! I have a great company to feature...

WOOED Sunglasses! <3

WOOED is a San Francisco based company whose passion lies in creating unique wooden sunglasses

that are both stylish and eco-friendly. WOOED’s sunglasses are only made using reclaimed wood or 

wood that is sustainably harvested. In addition, the WOOED Team also pledges to plant one tree for 

every pair of sunglasses purchased through the Plant it 2020 campaign.

WOOED by WOOD has just released a brand new collection featuring a myriad of bright colors

perfect for the beach. The Colors of California collection is especially special, with each pair of 

glasses paying tribute to a part of California WOOED loves. For example, CA Rainbow Red features 

a multicolor striped arm reminiscent of a candy cane, and the WOOED team celebrates the exciting 

melting pot of cultures and people in California with this pair.

All of WOOED’s sunglasses are anti-glare and offer full 100% UVA/B protection. In addition, each pair

of sunglasses is thoughtfully made lightweight, water proof and they even float on water – making 

them perfect for sunny surfing California.

I am SERIOUSLY lusting over these! SO cute!
A Company that plants trees for every Sunglass Sold!? LOVE

Please take a moment to stop by and check out the WOOED Sunglasses.

Heart You Guys.


**If you are a small company and would like to be considered for a Work The Net post, send me an email.