May 31, 2011

Retro Swim Wear

Heyyyy There!!

It is officially Summertime...I always know its upon me when every weekend for the next three months is filled with festivals, concerts, beach time...a lot of beach time and sporting events. The BEST time to visit California!

Summertime is swimsuit time! I have a ton of them (of course I do)  but every year I cannot wait to get a new takes some serious shopping time to find the perfect one. I often find suits that don't fit my proportions...the top is too small the bottoms to big...blah and its a waste of money.

When Retro Swimwear contacted me about their new business I couldn't believe that...One: Vintage and retro styles!? OMG VINTAGE AND RETRO STYLES!! Two: They can be customized!! WHAAATTTT!!? Yes. Problem solved.

Few of my faves!

Double Trouble 


I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to the super sweet and talented self taught designer Joana....

      Your inspiration seems to come from 1950-60’s pin-ups and vintage prints…do you plan to expand to different eras in the future?

Yes, my inspiration does come from the 1950's-60's era. I'm sure eventually I will expand into different eras, but right now I'm really passionate about what I've been designing these day. I have always loved the fashion, music, cars, & architecture from the 50's & 60's era.

      What are three of your favorite styles and prints that you are currently making?

My three favorite styles & prints that I am currently making are: the Retro Halter Top w/ the Hi Waisted Skirt Bottoms, Hipster Bottoms, and the Bandeau Monokini. My favorite prints are leopard, polka dots, and gingham prints.

      On average how long does each swimsuit take to make?

On average, it usually takes me about 2 hours or more to cut and sew a plain bikini. It really does depend on the style. 

     Can the swimsuits be customized to size when ordered? Do you take custom orders?

     Yes, the swimsuits can be custom fit to your size.

     Do you plan on selling other items? Such as dresses or beach accessories (shawls, cover-ups)?

     Yes, we do sell other items such as sundresses and sarongs/wrap skirts.

     Where is the headquarters located? How long have you been open? Is there a physical location to visit?
     The headquarters are located in Pompano Beach, Florida- right on the other side of Ft. Lauderdale.

    How do you come up with all the cute names for each swim suit?

    I had help coming up with the names for the swimsuits. The ones I came up with are from classic
    Hollywood movie stars and classic movies of the 50's-60's era.

         Is there anything else you would like us to know? 

         We offer swimwear for the petite kitten to the voluptuous bombshell. We make cup sizes AA-F cups  
          and bottom sizes XXS-4X. We will have a plus size section on the website soon.

        Check Check it OUT! WWW.RETROSWIMWEAR.COM


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May 27, 2011

That Girl is Poison

Jeans: Frankie B
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Top: Cotton On
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs

It's FINALLY Friday!!  Oh YES! That mean's a three day weekend is upon me! AND hopefully you too! I'm going to the beach NO MATTER what! Maybe have a bonfire, drink some beer, read a magazine or two...I don't care if no one comes with...I'm going :)

I'm way stoked flared jeans are back...I don't have many but these are definitely one of my favorites. I need to find a high waisted pair to get the full 70's effect...but until then these will do. Blue Vanilla is now offering necklaces, so if you like buddha charms and feathers check it out. 

Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend?


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May 25, 2011


House Party Companion

The Cowboy to The Indian

Inappropriate....just how we like it

I'll keep this short and sweet...

  I don't talk about him as much as I should ( i'm just not a very mushy person, but i'm kinda sorta working on that) , but he is definitely a big part of my life and I learn from him every single day. This last weekend babe and I passed our one year mark of togetherness....aww cute... BIG deal for me since i'm such an independent soul that changes my mind about most things every 30 seconds.

He has been one of my biggest supporters of all my crazy ideas I have come up with this last year and I truly appreciate it. He has also let me re-vamp his closet and throw out anything I didn't like AND he wears everything I buy him...KEEPER!

Your awesome...WERE awesome...thank you for being you. <3


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May 22, 2011

We Boogied

Pre Gaming.... Neuro Fuel is a mood enhancement drink....odd
Hello Gorgeous' 

My Bug

Floating Balls

It was a popular table not gonna lie...

Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Castro San Francisco
Button Up: Target
Hat: Forever 21
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Shoes: NylA
Jewelry: Blue Vanilla

Wow...Its seems like forever since I had a post featuring my besties being their awesome selves. We took off to downtown Campbell this weekend for it's annual street festival "Boogie on the Bayou". It's basically a day of walking up and down a crowded street, saying HI to all the people you never see and drinking in a packed bar in the middle of the day...LOOOoooOOVE Summertime!

 Sorry for the lack of post this last week...another class started *Sigh* and I showcased Blue Vanilla in an arts and crafts faire at my work this week....Which had a mucho good response! Whoop!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 


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May 13, 2011

There You Go Again

Earrings: Blue Vanilla

Its Friday! Whoop! 
My bestie took these photos last night as we were watching our beloved San Jose Sharks kill it in Game 7! Round 3 here we come! 

I got some emails and comments about bringing color out in a black and white photo (like the 2nd pic here) 
Its really easy...I use Photoshop CS4

1. Open up the photo you would like to use
2. At the top...Image > Adjustments  > De-saturation ...This turns your photo black and white
3.  Next on your left brush and tool panels choose the History Brush
4. Pick your size depending on the area you would like to color...change hardness to 100%
5. Color over photo and VOILA! Color in a black and white photo...
If this is confusing heres a tutorial here

I'm stoked blogger has hopefully figured it self out! Have a great weekend!!


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May 10, 2011

Orange You Glad

What I'm Wearing:
Shoes: BCBG
Pants: BDG
Tank: White House Black Market
Belt: H&M
Chambray: Thrifted
Blazer Vest: DIY - After I couldn't stand the sleeves on an unworn blazer I had..TADAAA!
Earrings: Blue Vanilla

This color is my FAVORITE this season! Love the way Jamie is rocking it for our night out on the town!

Hope everyone had a good start to the week...I'd like to say HI to all my new followers and for everyone's support I REALLY appreciate it! 


On sunday I updated the "shop our closet" section of the store...So if your a shoe size 7 or 7.5 and/or like dresses...CHECK IT OUT! 

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May 6, 2011

Keep Your Head High & Fly

Pineapple Print Dress: Vintage
Wedges: Dollhouse
Sunnies: Gucci
Lipstick: M.A.C Lady Danger
Belt: Vintage
Dangle Earrings, Ring and Bracelet: Blue Vanilla 


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May 2, 2011


Top: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jeans: Married to the Mob
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Cheetah Earring, Jeweled ring and bracelet: Blue Vanilla
Sunnies: Chanel
Lipstick: MAC- Rubywoo

Wearing some of my favorite items from the shop....this jeweled colored ring goes with everything and its stretchy...I like stretchable rings because they fit my scrawny, lame, nothing ever fits on them it. This is my Marc Jacobs jacket that I got at the thrift store...for six dollars....its authentic I checked....Luckyy.  I have been on the search for red jeans for almost six months and haven't found ones that I must have/lusting over. But in the mean time I have raspberry colored ones. 


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