February 27, 2012

Did Someone Say Party?!

Happy Monday Bonitas!

Another full week ahead of a million and one fun things to do! I love when Spring starts to roll in here in California...because suddenly there is TONS more goin on.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you have heard me mention that Dana and I have a major iPhone app crush on Poshmark...A place where you can sell clothing from your closet...profit from it and have extra funds to buy more! GENIUS!

This Wednesday Poshmark is having their first San Francisco bash and Blue Vanilla cannot be more excited to join in on the fun!

Here is the invite and if you are in the bay area come join in the fun and get your party rockin and shoppin on! Any excuse to wear a dress is my kind of fun PLUS we would LOVE to meet you in person! If you are not in the area...no worries...Just log onto the app and party with us from there!

Our name on Poshmark is: BlueVanilla....find us, follow us....we list some great deals!

Here is a lil snapshot of some Karen Millen dresses we will be listing!

Recent good times with the Poshmark girls... At the Gap x Rue Mag Party
Must Check Out Blogs...L to R...Amanda, Lyann on Instagram: lyannc , Carlina, Chandamheer

 And of course some of our fave Bay Area Bloggers! 
Killin me with gorgeousness...L to R....Angie, Adiel, Punam, Chandamheer


Yay! Even more good times ahead!

PS....Check out the Blue Vanilla Giveaway goin on HERE!

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February 21, 2012

Work The Net - Jensen Sartoria

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the next edition of "Work The Net" where I like to feature some awesome small businesses on net!

This next shop has some beautifully crafted pieces of clothing and I would basically add every article into my closet if my pocketbook allowed...I mean perfectly and exact fitted clothing?! IN!...so I was excited to read the background and work with the ever so lovely and beautiful Rachel from the blog Da Paura...PLEASE tell me you are a fan?! If not check her out! One of my favorite reads and she always has great photography and pretty clothes and such cute hair...

Check out what she has to say about her and the hubby's small shop and place on the web... Jensen Sartoria

“We started Jensen Sartoria in 2009, but it wasn’t until after our extensive sartorial training in Rome that we considered ourselves official. We are a husband/wife team and we have always shared a love for luxury and great style. I began to design dresses and clothes, and my husband taught himself to sew, practicing on me as his model. In October of 2009 we embarked on a life-changing adventure, and sold all of our possessions to follow our dreams. We picked up and moved to Rome, Italy where we received training. My husband studied the art of hand-crafting suits and women’s clothes completely from scratch. He learned pattern-making and every element of the traditional method of haute-couture bespoke custom clothing. Meanwhile, I learned design, sketch, and had the opportunity to model in some fashion shows in Rome.

What we offer is custom, handmade products with little use of machine, and each garment made to your exact measurements for a beautiful fit. Our clothing is crafted with a very high-end system from beginning to end. Each pattern is drawn up using geometry, and these patterns are made unique to the exact measurements of each of our clients. We celebrate the female form, and our job is to flatter you to your very best potential. Our goal is to combine traditional techniques with modern fashion, marrying tradition with progression. We offer a luxuriously crafted fit with a young, modern spin.

One of my favorite aspects of our designs is the versatility! I can’t tell you how many ways I have styled the high-waisted black bodycon skirt and how many different occasions I have worn it to. You can see just from these photos how many different “looks” you can achieve with each piece. Since our pieces are created to fit well, I always tend to reach for them in my closet because I feel my best in something that fits perfectly!"

Currently we have an Etsy shop for limited items that can be done via measurements given to us. Our Custom High-Waisted Pink Pencil skirt is our best-seller and continues to attract inquiries with it’s unique yet classic design. We do offer blazers, pants, and men’s suits for those who are in the Southern California region and/or available for fittings in person. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to email
us at jensensartoria@gmail.com.”

LOVE! Can I learn to design in ROME!? That is sweet!

Please take a moment and check out Jensen Sartoria and drool over/purchase any of their custom items like I have...you can also follow their designs in progress on Facebook! 


ps...Work The Net is a new feature on our blog. If you have a blog shop/online shop...any kind of shop on the internet and would like to trade ideas/post/items let me know...Dana and I are ALL about building relationships!

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February 15, 2012

First Off...

Can someone PLEASE take me here....

I am in DIRE need of a Beach Day!

Secondly...I hope everyone had an extra loving Valentines Day! Such a cheesy holiday as I think people should spread love EVERYDAY...But...This day should just have a lil emphasis!

Lastly...My outfit of the day!

Pamela Stud Bracelet

Earrings: Vintage

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Jelate
Booties: Chinese Laundry
Glasses: Paul Smith
Lipstick: Ruby Woo
Pops of red is one of my favorite things to incorporate! Plus I couldn't wait any longer to try and style these booties...Spring is just around the corner (this is what I tell myself)!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


ps... Check out Shade' and Sanna rocking some Blue Vanilla! Thanks for the reviews ladies!

February 8, 2012

Sunny Days

Top: Cotton On
Shorts and Leggings: Oasap.com

Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

Bag: Ana
Watch: Michael Kors
I look so bored...I'm not just a bad face shot...Good outfit shot though! :)

Custom Shoe Jewel with Silver and Rose Gold Chain: Vesta 

Bracelets: Blue Vanilla

Hey Everyone!

Do I look fancy in my new tights?! I felt fancy. California has been spoiling us with GORGEOUS weather these last few month and the flower fields are so pretty! We couldn't resist shooting some photos in front of this yellow pretty goodness. I scored these shorts from oasap.com and I heart them mucho...Fully lined and wool to keep my buns warm...Perfecto for the semi cool but mostly warm Cali days.

I get asked a lot about the lipstick I am wearing...It is good ol' Lady Danger by MAC and is definitely my go to for everyday simple looks.

Dana put together this custom shoe jewel for a friend of ours and I LOVE IT...Anything with a little rose gold in it is my fave. We are planning as launching this as a permanent design so keep an eye out...also if you have an idea and want us to piece one together for you just let us know!

We have made it to Wednesday and I hope everyone's week is going fabulous!


February 2, 2012

Daily Attire

Heyyy Heyy!

I get a lot of questions/comments about my daily wear and what I wear to my day job. Yes I have a desk job m-f 8-5 and it pays my bills, that's about the best thing to say about it. Considering it starts at 8am and I am NOT a morning person planning an outfit right before bed is usually my routine. I keep it simple, patterned top, blazer, skinnies and some heels. A no brainer ( I mean seriously look at my side braid) look that makes it seem to everyone that you "Dressed up". 

Do you have an everyday work uniform?!
Blazer & Top: H&M
Pink Pants: F21
Heels: BCBG

Bracelets: Blue Vanilla
Have a fab rest of your day! 

ps....Thank you to my boo thing for waking up 10 mins earlier to help me with these photos. You the best.