November 16, 2020

Baby & Toddler Clothes | Yabba Dabba Baby


Yabba Dabba Baby | Online Baby Boutique

Yabba Dabba Baby | Online Baby Boutique
Maternity Activewear Shorts | $15.50

Yabba Dabba Baby | Online Baby Boutique
Explore Diaper Backpack | $42.99

Yabba Dabba Baby | Denim Dress Set
Toddler Girls Denim Dress | $36.50

I am always looking for a good Baby Shower or Toddler Birthday Gift. Yabba Dabba Baby has some super cute curated items for baby. 

It matters to me that child items are well made and have a will to last against what a kid puts clothing and accessories through. Yabba Dabba Baby is high quality clothing, affordable items and the shipping was super fast. This place is bookmarked for my next baby gift needs. 


November 11, 2020

Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, California and Tempe, Arizona

Bronzed Humanity Salon

Bronzed Humanity is a Luxury All Natural Salon. We focus on natural skincare and incorporating good beauty routines. Our artists are super knowledgeable about every service and we are continually learning new techniques and products as they are released in the industry. Each service we do is an art and it takes many years of practice to master every one. Come experience Bronzed Humanity and its awesome services. 

Located in San Jose, CA and Tempe, AZ.

We looks forward to having you in to our Salon. 



November 2, 2020

Bronzed Humanity | All Natural Facials


Pumpkin Spice Facial | Bronzed Humanity

Self Love Facial | Bronzed Humanity

BH Signature Facial | Bronzed Humanity

BH Signature Facial | Bronzed Humanity

Bronzed Humanity All Natural Facials is the perfect service for self care and figuring out what kind of skin care routine is best for your skin. 

We use all natural products such as Tuel Skincare and love to educate you on your skin and answer any questions you might have.

Book a BH Signature Facial for the full custom experience, we offer add ons of Microdermabrasion, LED Red Light Therapy and Dermaplaning.

Looking forward to having you in to the salon in San Jose, CA and Tempe, AZ. 


November 1, 2020

SAFETY NET | First Aid & Safety | Lincoln, Nebraska


Safety Net | Lincoln, Nebraska

Safety Net is my families small business in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We service and install your businesses First Aid Kits

This is especially important if you have employees and want to stay up to date with Coronavirus regulations.

If you have a business in Nebraska and you are interested in these First Aid services, please CONTACT us for an appointment.


NEW SERVICE ALERT | Brow Lamination | Bronzed Humanity


Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination | Before and After

Brow Lamination | Bronzed Humanity


We have listened to our clients and done our research for the best Brow Lamination formula on the market. We found it, Vegan, Safe on Skin and Creates the most perfect Brows. Space Face

A Brow Lamination is a Keratin Treatment that creates an uplifting effect to your brows. Results lasts 6-8 weeks and takes about 45 minutes to process.

We recommend using an all Natural Brow Oil for aftercare to ensure your brows stay hydrated and styled. 

Book Your Appointment at Bronzed Humanity today.