February 19, 2018

Bronzed Humanity | Location Location Location | San Jose, Ca Salon

Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, CA 95123
Bronzed Humanity 

Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca
Bronzed Humanity 

Bronzed Humanity | Salon | San Jose, Ca
Bronzed Humanity 

Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca
Bronzed Humanity

Welcome to our favorite place ever, Bronzed Humanity.
We constantly evolve and change the decor...but we never change our quality of service. Please book an appointment for the best Spray Tans and Lash Extensions in San Jose, Ca and the South Bay Area.

Looking forward to having you in our salon.


1029 Blossom Hill Rd Suite 4 San Jose, CA 95123

February 12, 2018

Client Love | Jyo Shankar

Jyo Shankar | Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan
Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan 

Jyo Shankar | Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan
Bronzed Humanity |  Spray Tan

Jyo Shankar | Lashed You Out | Lash Extensions
Lashed You Out | Lash Extensions

Jyo Shankar | Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan
Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan | Jyo Shankar

As a small business we can either make or break everything with the content we post and the image we create. It is something on our mind every single day. 

Unsure how we got so lucky, but our list of bloggers, influencers and content creators is AMAZING. We don't have a ton, but we have quality. Quality artists who know how business works. 

Insert Jyo Shankar

Fashionable, Travel Savvy, Creator of Drool Worthy Content, Dedicated to her work and an Absolute Sweetheart. 

We can't thank her enough. Bronzed Humanity spray tans are featured in her photos and she even gets her flirty lashes by Lashed You Out.

Please check out her blog and beautiful posts. Follow her on Instagram: Jyo_Shankar


February 9, 2018

Lashed You Out | C-Curl vs D-Curl

C-Curl | Lash Extension
D-Curl | Lash Extensions

Lash extensions have different lengths, widths and curls.

The most requested curls at Lashed You Out is C-Curl or D-Curl.

C-Curl being the most commonly used curl, slight curl as it mimics most natural lash curls.

D-Curl is a more dramatic curl and helps lift and open the eye to create a fuller look.

What Lash curl do you like better?


January 24, 2018

Client Love | Pegactive

As a team that is constantly working together over here at Bronzed Humanity, we are always stoked when we come across someone who inspires and motivates us to keep going and improve on the brand we believe in.

When Bronzed Humanity was located at our small space in Oakridge mall, Pegah reached out to us and wanted to collab in business and marketing. Dream come true for a small business, as someone like Pegah reaching out to us is exactly what we are looking for in our brand.

She is a light. Positive, Empowering and works to live a Fit and Healthy lifestyle.


Pegactive | Bronzed Humanity

Check out Pegactive for a little light in your life.

Follow her on Instagram | @Pegactive


January 23, 2018

Bronzed Humanity | Spray Tan Prep Instructions

Welcome to Bronzed Humanity's Youtube!

Lauren & Megan teach you everything your need to know about Spray Tanning.

Check out our Spray Tan Prep Video.


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