February 2, 2011

Vitamin D

T-Shirt: Junk Food, Skirt:Vintage worn here , Bracelets: Flea Market
Fire Pits for bonfires

Beach Essentials

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Hey Everyone!!
This is not me bragging I swear...I know most of this country is under a couple feet of snow and I feel for you. I grew up in the mid-west and it is FREEZING this time of year....bone chilling cold! This is why I live in California where beach days in January is normal....So just pack your stuff and move west! :)

Santa Cruz is one of the beachy hippie towns that has great downtown shopping, roller coasters on a boardwalk (with the best corn dogs) and beach after beach...views after view. I chose to wear a mid calf maxi with my fave t-shirt that says "Cali where I lay my mac down"...not one for shirts they say stuff but this ones awesome.

The beach soothes the soul and clears the head...I always feel refreshed on the ride back...

I hope everyone enters my fab give away...Who doesn't like free stuff???


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