November 16, 2011


Glasses: Oliver Peoples
Earrings and Bracelet: Blue Vanilla
Blazer: Ann Taylor
Sweater: Vintage
Belt: Old Navy
Watch & Shoes: Michael Kors

Hey Everyone!

   We have made it to Wednesday! Whoop! So sorry I haven't had much to say these last few post I have been SUPER busy with TOO busy...It blows me away that I can spend five hours on one that a couple times a week and homework is a part time job. At least i'm studying Fashion and the topics interest me and this time spent will be worth it...right?!...right.

   I was feeling quite preppy in this outfit...It was kind of bulky with the sweater and blazer layers but kept me warm. The best part is the blazer was long enough to keep my flowy skirt from flying up on this windy day. Oh and i'm wearing flats. Comfort was key with this look.

Have a fabulous day and thank you for all your sweet comments!
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