February 2, 2012

Daily Attire

Heyyy Heyy!

I get a lot of questions/comments about my daily wear and what I wear to my day job. Yes I have a desk job m-f 8-5 and it pays my bills, that's about the best thing to say about it. Considering it starts at 8am and I am NOT a morning person planning an outfit right before bed is usually my routine. I keep it simple, patterned top, blazer, skinnies and some heels. A no brainer ( I mean seriously look at my side braid) look that makes it seem to everyone that you "Dressed up". 

Do you have an everyday work uniform?!
Blazer & Top: H&M
Pink Pants: F21
Heels: BCBG

Bracelets: Blue Vanilla
Have a fab rest of your day! 

ps....Thank you to my boo thing for waking up 10 mins earlier to help me with these photos. You the best. 

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