June 28, 2012

Sparkly Monroe

Shoes: BCBG
Sunnies: Raybans
Shorts: Dolce Vita

Monroe Necklace
Brown Lang Bracelet
Larita Silver

Hey Heyyy!

I am such a sucker for color... I love bright things and I love to mix them up...This is my reasoning for the five different colors you can spot in this look....I am ok with looking like fruit loop occasionally.

We just brought in this sparkly necklace the other day at Blue Vanilla and I FELL IN LOVE and decided it must be styled instantly! Why must us girls be so attracted to sparkle!? I always feel like that one scene in that UP movie whenever I come across something glittery and sparkly...SQUIRREL!

Off to check out everyone's blogs! Thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post...I have the BEST readers and I couldn't feel more blessed!

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