September 27, 2012


Hey Heyyy!

Thank you to everyone who has entered and participated in the Libi & Lola Giveaways! I could not be more grateful! There is still time to enter so if you would like click here here and here for a chance to win! :-)
I think the I am most excited to have some NEW blogs, tweeters and pinners to follow! Always fun finding  creative and stylish people that I haven't seen before.

When I opened Libi & Lola I wanted people to relate by asking themselves who are their Libi and Lola's, their inner style egos and how they played out in their styles and looks in their everyday lives. I want people to connect with the different names in the sense that each one is the same person, but depending on occasion, lifestyle, moment, who shines at that time and how would you put that look together. For me Libi is conservative, solid colored, minimal bling and structured in a way. Lola is my crazy patterned side, bright lipstick and definitely NOT afraid to wear color.

I am blessed to have some uber stylish friends in my life, one of my favorites including my sister from another family Jamie. She helped kick off what will eventually be a series with others of how she perceives Libi & Lola through her sense of style.

What do you guys think? 

Thanks babe these are awesome! If you guys wanna participate let me know, I would love to have you! 

Heart you! 

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