November 21, 2012

Libi & Lola: Gift Ideas

Le Roc Brown / New York Gold / Snow Black Rings / Lolo Teal Drops

Elegant Drops / Three Studs
Two Faced / Minimalistic Red / Three Studs

Minimalistic Fushcia / Victorian Pink / Hematite Jeweled / Clean & Simple

The Holidays are in FULL EFFECT!! 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALES will be happening at Libi & Lola

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Heart you guys, have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!



Jenna said...

I love all of these!

That's so Fletch

xo, Jay

Sam said...

I am amazed at how reasonable all these stunning jewelry pieces, they look like they cost in the hundreds! Loved the gold link chain and black drop earrings


im absolutely loving those earrings!!!

Adam said...

Have a good Thanksgiving

lizchewy said...

Nice gift ideas!! I really like the two faced bracelet and three studs cuff.


libys11 said...

awesome picks!!! i adore the watches!!!

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Tatjana said...

Just WANT it all !

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