February 19, 2013

Lovely World

Top: Gap, Earrings: V-Tree Drops,  Aurora Grande

Jello My Kitty

Sister from another family <3


I love spontaneous meet ups with my bestie in San Francisco...Especially when my new lens I waited a whole month for arrived that day! Couldn't help but snap some photos of some San Francisco street art on our walk to dinner....Oh and I added a photo of my furry co-worker and roommate Jello...She was excited about the lens too. 

Hope everyone is having a fab start to their week! 

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Paulina Mo said...

So cute! beautiful murals!

Curves Ahead Make up said...

you look stunning as always !!!

littlemisschinagirl said...

Lovely outfits doll,love it! xx

Jeeh Trend said...

Love This!

I'd love for you to check out my blog!


Selene said...

really nice photos!

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