August 25, 2014

{New Arrivals} Libi & Lola


Geeezzzz have I been MIA on my baby blog! It has been an incredibly busy Summer, though this is not a complaint....I am happy it is slowing down so I can focus more on the things I love, like my blog and shop!

In March I had the opportunity to create and launch a new business with a few partners of mine. It has nothing to do with fashion or jewelry, but business is something I am passionate about and I am SO excited and blessed to be part of an already successful venture. Don't worry... Libi & Lola is my baby and won't be going anywhere. Peep the New Arrivals! 

If you are curious about my new venture... Maverick Inc. 

Heart you guys. Thanks for stopping by and all your sweet comments. 



Eatlovemerry said...

So lovely!

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