November 3, 2016

8 Benefits of a Bronzed Humanity Organic Spray Tan

1. Creates a Slimmer and Toned Appearance: During Bronzed Humanity's Full Body Organic Spray Tan, you are carefully contoured and sprayed evenly and perfectly every time by our Spray Tan Artist Lauren. The color is absolutely beautiful and often makes you feel more toned and slim.
Bronzed Humanity

2. Gives Confidence: Most of our clients enjoy a Bronzed Humanity Spray Tan a few times a month simply because it makes them feel good about their physical appearance.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca

3. Cover and Even Out Imperfections: Spray Tans are known to help cover stretch marks, skin discoloration, scars and cellulite.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca

4. Brighten and Create a Glowing Complexion: Bronzed Humanity's Solution creates a glowing and long lasting tan that doesn't ever create an orange look and is perfectly applied by our skilled artist.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca

5. Anti Aging Benefits: Exposing your skin to any sort of UVA/UVB rays is harmful to your skin. Applying harmful chemicals to your skin to tan is bad for your skin. Bronzed Humanity's Luxury Organic Spray Tan is all organic, safe and hydrating on the skin.

6. Easy Prep & Little Time: Simply exfoliate and hydrate the skin a few days before and leading up to your appointment, creating the perfect canvas for your spray tan. Bronzed Humanity Appointments are typically 30 Minutes.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca 95123

7. Contouring & Competition Spray Can Make Your Muscles Pop: Lauren hand paints your contour and blends out, finishing with a full body spray. Perfect.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca 95123

8. Enhances Wardrobe: We like to think of the perfect glowing complexion like an accessory to your everyday look. You tend to feel great with a spray tan and your confidence makes your outfit.
Bronzed Humanity | San Jose, Ca 95123

If you are located in San Jose, California and would like to book a Salon or Mobile Luxury Organic Spray Tan with Bronzed Humanity, please Call/Text 408-418-6122 or Message us at


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