March 27, 2011

Smile Party

I am aware my lil smurf has her eyes closed...we threaten her all the time with double sided tape to attempt to keep them open because most of the time this is the outcome. She still looks adorable. 

Dress: Macy's
Shoes: Lulu's
Gel Manicure in Red...Still going strong :)

Hello Everyone!
  Sorry for my lack of posts this week...I spent the last few days finishing up my crazy hard class, planning my bday festivities and just trying to figure some things in my life out....sometimes that requires you to step back, breathe and reevaluate. 

   I spend the month of March celebrating my birthday and hitting up every dance floor available. My besties and I decided clubbing was in store for the weekend so we ventured out and bar hopped all over. I'm so lucky to have the most amazing and supportive friends in my life, its a constant good time that never fails to put a smile on my face. 

  Because we were going to a club and dancing I decided a short dress and wedges were the best bet. My legs don't hurt nearly as much the next day with wedges and I am able to hang on the floor the entire night without to much feet pain. Oh the joys of being a lover of heels. 

 Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 

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