March 16, 2011

Sorry Doesn't Always Cut It

Jackets: Some Small Store in Tahoe
Shirt: Love Joy
Jeans: Rivet De Cru 
Shoes: Shiekh
Belt: H&M
Ring: My mom and dads wedding band
Nails: Gel Manicure...Hopefully it stays for the 3wks

Hey hey everyone!
  Man it has been a crazy sad few days with the Tokyo tradgedy going on...I'm glued to CNN and just hoping and praying that things return to a somewhat "normal" for them soon. I have a hard time blogging and doing happy things when there is such a crisis going on and peoples lives are completely changed forever. 

  Tragedies as such always give me a BIG reminder to be extra grateful for everyone you come across and especially the people you love. Life can change in an instant and it is far too short to dwell or worry about petty stuff that wont matter in a day or month. So smile today, be grateful you awoke and tell someone you love them. 

 Spring is rolling in and i'm excited to try some color blocking, neon nail colors and even some blush/nude palettes! 

 Hope everyone has a great day! 



SheShotta said...

awesome shirt !

AllThingsGirly said...

Awe, your sweet! I also hope Japan is able to recover quickly :)

lolita said...

Thankx for the comment hun :-) that jacket is awesome and the all look over all.. and yeah lets just keep emm in our prayers :-(

oomph. said...

yes, can't wait to try some brighter colors! love your belt!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving that top and the sliver of skin...oh, for the warmth and joy of summer to come!

Mrs. Official Superficial said...

You look Gorgeous! look at that flat tummy :)

little shadow said...

I love your jacket, I want it.
Your blog is fab!

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

uhh gorgeous! i love that thin leopard belt!

Andreea said...

Awesome! Love the shirt!

♥ Kisses ♥

Neon Tree said...

thanks for your comment
i love your style, you look great !!

Leather & Lace said...


Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love that top xx

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

hawwwt jacket.

Helen, X

Amor de Cor said...

Where did you get your top? I noticed you said Love Joy is the brand or something, but couldn't find it online. I totally jock it. Let me know please. :)

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