May 13, 2011

There You Go Again

Earrings: Blue Vanilla

Its Friday! Whoop! 
My bestie took these photos last night as we were watching our beloved San Jose Sharks kill it in Game 7! Round 3 here we come! 

I got some emails and comments about bringing color out in a black and white photo (like the 2nd pic here) 
Its really easy...I use Photoshop CS4

1. Open up the photo you would like to use
2. At the top...Image > Adjustments  > De-saturation ...This turns your photo black and white
3.  Next on your left brush and tool panels choose the History Brush
4. Pick your size depending on the area you would like to color...change hardness to 100%
5. Color over photo and VOILA! Color in a black and white photo...
If this is confusing heres a tutorial here

I'm stoked blogger has hopefully figured it self out! Have a great weekend!!


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