May 22, 2011

We Boogied

Pre Gaming.... Neuro Fuel is a mood enhancement drink....odd
Hello Gorgeous' 

My Bug

Floating Balls

It was a popular table not gonna lie...

Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Castro San Francisco
Button Up: Target
Hat: Forever 21
Sunnies: Oliver Peoples
Shoes: NylA
Jewelry: Blue Vanilla

Wow...Its seems like forever since I had a post featuring my besties being their awesome selves. We took off to downtown Campbell this weekend for it's annual street festival "Boogie on the Bayou". It's basically a day of walking up and down a crowded street, saying HI to all the people you never see and drinking in a packed bar in the middle of the day...LOOOoooOOVE Summertime!

 Sorry for the lack of post this last week...another class started *Sigh* and I showcased Blue Vanilla in an arts and crafts faire at my work this week....Which had a mucho good response! Whoop!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 


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