December 2, 2011


Lauren, Natalie, Sara, Dana, Jes, Carlina

We even got to star in our own shots...Fancyyy

Dana and I being us and not paying attention
I LOVE all the smiles in this one...everyone has such pretty smiles <3
Our new "About Us" photo...Thanks Jorge!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Remember that shoot I was talking about a couple posts ago!? Here are the "professional" ones! SO SO CUTE! All the girls were super sweet...AND it is totally awesome to meet bloggers in the Bay Area.

Thanks so much to the photographer Jorge Novoa! Everyone check out his site, he does some really cool photography!

Dana and I have lots to do this weekend with Blue Vanilla....We are SO grateful for the positive response to our new shoe jewelry! Thanks everyone who commented, emailed and gave their opinion! All feedback is appreciated!


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