December 20, 2011

Tis The Season...

Skirt: Vintage Silk
Top: H&M
Scarf: Blue Vanilla
Shoe Harajuku
Watch: Michael Kors
We made it to Tuesday!! 5 MORE days til Christmassss! Who is stressing out!? Yours truly was for a hot myself together and I am DONE with buying gifts! Whoop!

Look up! Do you like my newwww header?! I LOVE and classic with a just a little bit of Hot Pink! Perfect. I got this fancy design from a fancy lady named Jessica...She has an AWESOME blog and obvi great design skills, so check her blog out and don't be shy if you have a design in mind!

My baby shop Blue Vanilla is hosting some FABULOUS giveaways this week! So go and enter and receive a chance to WIN something/anything from our shop! Gogogoo!!

-One of my fave blogs Oomph is hosting one with a chance to receive a piece of shoe jewelry! BUT it is only this week! So head over and enter! 

-The fun and spunky, always has something cute on Tiffany is also hosting a Giveaway on her fun blog Breakfast With Tiffany...Easy entry and you can win ANYTHING from Blue Vanilla! 

I hope everyone is looking forward to a couple days off for the Holiday...I get 10 Days!! CANNOT WAIT!

Thank you thank you for all your sweet comments and support, this year of blogging has been a fab experience!


p.s These photos were taken at Fort Mason in San  Francisco, if you look closely you can see the famous lil island known as Alcatraz in the background. 

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