August 29, 2012

Hot Pink Day: Daily Face Routine

Hi Everyone!

I am doing a slightly different post today that doesn't have much to do with fashion and a little to do with beauty...Don't worry I am not turning into a beauty blogger...I am not that talented in the beauty department....I will leave that to the beauty blogger professionals.

Every week at least once for the last couple of years I get an email from a lovely reader asking how I manage to keep my face clear...After I am done blushing from the compliment I attempt to write them back the best I know how...I figured why not just make a post on my daily routine and then maybe...just maybe I will make more sense with pictures. So VOILA!

Face Routine

I will say this...Everyone's skin is different, I have normal/combination/sensitive skin and it has taken me a LONG time to find products that don't make my skin flare up. I have been using this routine for a few years and have had some pretty good luck! I attempt to get a facial every 6 months or so and I NEVER let my face hang out in the sun EVER. I am terrified of sun spots and wrinkles....So hats are my thing when I am outside.

I also get a few comments and random emails on my make up routine...I will save that for another post...But I promise it is not that exciting.

As always if this doesn't make sense or you have a question about how I use these products...Shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will be happy to answer the best I know how.

Thanks always for the sweet comments on style and especially on my skin...SO NICE...Everyone have a great day!


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