August 15, 2012

So Far

Hey Everyone!!

WOW! What a great week it has been since opening my new shop Libi & Lola! Thank you to everyone who signed up and for all you shoppers who went for it and got first dibs on some awesome finds! New stuff is added EVERYDAY so be sure to check back!

So far there have been two popular questions that have been asked about the shop so I thought I would clear them up for those who are asking....

1. How did you come up with the name Libi & Lola?

Anyone out there a shower thinker? You know when ALL your best ideas and ventures come to you in the quiet, serene setting of a hot shower...Well I am definitely a shower thinker...the Libi & Lola idea came to me during a daily session and was an instant hit in my mind, VOILA! Libi & Lola was born.

2. Who is Libi & Lola?

The idea behind the two names is that they reach my inner style alter egos....I am convinced everyone has them. Some days I feel like I wanna be more subtle, add some solid colors and not be so loud (This is Libi) and some days I like to throw on every bright patterned thing in my closet with two coats of red lipstick and call it good (This is Lola). This is who they are to me...who are they to you?

Our first GIVEAWAY is in full effect! Please stop by and enter for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Libi & Lola! Thank you Sarah for hosting and congrats on the one year of blogging!

Heart you guys,

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