October 3, 2012

$25 Libi & Lola {GIVEAWAY}


Hey Everyone!

Meet Megan from the For All Things Lovely blog. LOVE her name! ;-)

I have been following her blog for awhile and I am always impressed with her put together style, that is chic and trendy yet always classic. Not easy to pull that off and she makes it look absolutely effortless. Also, her blog design is amazing! Always clean, fresh and ready with a new post! LOVE.

As you can see she has a fab taste in jewelry and accessories, so I contacted her to see if she would be down with a GIVEAWAY for Libi & Lola. She was...yay AND she modeled the Poppy Clutch in Red (Which has of course sold out the second she posted, but I do have blue) perfectly!                                Check it out and enter for a chance to WIN $25 Dolla to my shop! 

Thanks Megan and Everyone else for participating! 

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