October 19, 2012

One Of Those Weeks

Rose Stud/Rose Gold Chronograph Watch/ArtWork Black Wallet/Sparkly Side Cross


Gretchen Hoops/Lilia Bracelet/Push It Yellow/The Venice Gold/Set Stud
Happy Friday Friends! 

Ever have one of those weeks that no matter what you do you are behind?!...WELP that's me this week! I worked REALLY hard to catch up from my weekend wedding away in Nebraska....I tried. Oh well next week will be better right! 

The Holiday Season is around the corner and Libi & Lola is stocking up! I got some new watches in this week and with them all under $40 I think they would make a great gift idea! 

Only two more weddings to go...You guys have a great weekend! 

Heart You Mucho! 

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