October 24, 2013

{New Arrivals} Libi & Lola

Monroe Studs | Jersey Drops

Ashley Mint Necklace

Missya Coral Drops | Chicago Blue Bracelet | Cumberland Peach Necklace 

Hi Everyone!

New arrivals are my favorite! Here are the most recent at Libi & Lola

Lots of layering, statements and bold colors heading into Winter.

Which one is your favorite?!


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Adam said...

pretty jewelry

Unknown said...

Great post <3
Check out the Escada Fashion Show in Greece :)

Your Princess is in Another Castle

xx Sofie

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Super cute!! I love those coral drops.


Open Closet said...

love these statement pieces!!!

Unknown said...

I love accesories <3