October 2, 2013

Blend + Libi & Lola

Download: Blend

Libi & Lola Blend

Blend guys promoting on the USC campus. 

Hi Everyone!

It is no secret that I love people with ambition, passion and great ideas.

Living in Silicon Valley it is normal to talk about building Apps and working to use them to make our lives more fun or easier to function. 

The Blend app co-founders approached me a couple months ago excited about their launch, idea and so passionate about what they are doing.  The best part about the conversation is they wanted Libi & Lola to participate in the launch of something they are working hard at. Blend is a college based app that urges students to post a blend themed photo for snaps and with those snaps you can earn free stuff. What college student doesn't love free stuff?! Great idea guys. 

The Blend app has been live for the last couple of months and is gaining interest and exposure from curious college students across the country...If you attend a college in the United States check it out!

Happy to share the idea and help promote...Can't wait to let you guys in on the other fun apps I have been working with! 



oomph. said...

very cool...definitely incentive for college kids who LOVE free stuff!

Anonymous said...