March 25, 2013

Peru {Part One}

On The Roof At The Beach House - Playa Bonita 

Working - Sacsayhuaman Girls

I gave him a sole so I could take a photo with his donkeys...He was in charge of three asses and a pig, pretty fun to watch. 

Doll Seller - Handmade and so cute,

Cuzco - Ladies with a Little Lamb...Awww...This is one of my favorite shots 
Kids with their pigs....Hanging out while the parents work...

Machu Picchu 

SO much beauty  - Machu Picchu  


Just got back from a lovely 11 day trip to Peru. My parents moved to Lima in December to hang out for a year, so I made the journey to visit. 

How was it? Beautiful. 

 Here are the first set of some shots I captured with my iphone...I spent the first weekend in Playa Bonita, which is a small beach house community. During the week my parents and I flew to Cuzco, took the tours of the inca ruins in the city and mountains. Took a train to Machu Picchu City and visited Machu Picchu the next day. Definitely my most favorite part...

The food is amazing, the weather was perfect and if you ever get a chance to go....take it. 


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