October 20, 2010

My new LOVE

Tshirt: Hellz Bellz, Jeans: Roxy, Shoes: Lulu's

Bag: Deux Lux

I am a total freak when it comes to shoes and purses, I could have an arm load of clothing ready to buy and all it takes is one pair of shoes or one sparkly bag to make me drop everything just to have what my eyes see. I found this iridescent shiny beauty online and waited patiently for two weeks for it too arrive...it was one of those things that once I opened it I jumped up and down for a couple minutes expressing my love for it...then quickly put all my goodies from my other purse inside just so I could test it out. Awww love purses...they make my heart sing.
I also love all sparkly things that catch your eye...im pretty sure most girls like sparkly thing though... they make the world go round :)
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