October 14, 2010

Hello Halloween

Care Bears That Cared 

I heart Halloween more then any other holiday...Its one where you can be creative and imagine being all the different things you've seen throughout the year and said "I should be that for Halloween"....then once it comes time to choose something, you have no idea and just pick the cutest one you like at the moment. Awww love it...Last year the roomie and I did similar outfits. We were Lady Gaga at work and Care Bears that cared at the parties. This year I have a hottie on my side which is unheard of for me and were gonna do a sort of theme kind of thing...excited to share....hmmm well see :) ...Cant wait to show you pictures from this year...the girls and the guy and I are heading to an extreme party in San Francisco: Nightmare on Van Ness
Its appears were gonna be fly like a G6 and I'm gonna learn how to dougie...oh man...It should be interesting!

Rah Rah ahahaaa...Gaga

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