November 29, 2010

Food Love

Left to Right: Aushak- Leek and Spring onion filled dumplings topped with yogurt and meat sauce.
Pakawra-E-Padenjan - Batter dipped eggplant topped with yogurt and meat sauce.
Sambosa-E-Goushti - Fried pastries filled with ground lamb and chickpeas

Shrimp Kabab
Kabab-E-Gousfand (Lamb)

So my first love is definitely second love is MOST definitely food! I looooooveee food...I'm not a picky eater and am game to try just about anything. One of the most awesome aspects of living in California is the variety of restaurants available with a few minutes of driving.

One of my besties is Afghan and her family owns and runs a couple of restaurants located here in the Bay Area called Kabul Afghan Cuisine. Let me tell you if you haven't tried Afghan food get to it I PROMISE you, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So fresh and tasty...I beg her to go just so I can get my hands on fried eggplant and shrimp kababs MMMmmm. So delicious I recommend it to EVERYONE!

I know I know not my usual outfit post or fashion thoughts...but when I find something I LOVE I feel everyone should know about it...this will happen frequently on my blog cause I love a lot of things...i'm a lush I know  :-D

Has anyone else tried Afghan Cuisine? Is there another kind of food I should familiarize myself with?

Thank you for your comments and love on my last couple of post...I appreciate them all!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend...I know I definitely enjoyed my time to the grind!!

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