November 24, 2010

Polka Dot Love

Top: Merona (thrifted), Skirt : Vintage (handmade), Shoes: Vintage, Belt: Thrifted

Sunnies: Chanel
Polka dots always put a smile on my face...I like them in all sizes and never get tired of them. It's the one pattern I feel never goes out of style. I love the length of this skirt not to short or long and perfect for running around or even wearing to work.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow...I love Thanksgiving...Mostly because of the food but also because of the friend and family bonding time. There is nothing like sitting around stuffing face and giving thanks to the people who inspire and enrich your life...blissful.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year...My family...the best family anyone could ask for....the bestest mom...the bestest fathers (yes I have two...I am that lucky) ok kid I love friends...the most wonderful friends, everyone deserves such loyal and honest people in their life....My babe....awww my babe is the thankful for him because he believes in and supports me everyday no matter what...puts a smile on my face and keeps reality at my forefront without blinking...swooonnn <3

I'm the luckiest girl...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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