December 15, 2010

I Get It, Your Moody

Super Easy Pizza:
Boboli Pizza Crust...
Olive oil and minced garlic for sauce
Slice up mushrooms and red onions
Top with goat cheese
Bake at 450 for 10-15 minutes 

Oyster Rockefeller:
I would tell you how to make it if I knew talented roomie created these

Love this photo frizzies and all 

Mmmmm scallops...again I didn't make these but I do know they were baked.
Then you dip in you know anything dipped in butter is fabulous!

 My friends and I are always looking for a reason to eat....we crave things and talk about them for a couple weeks until we can find a reason to get together and make whatever has been on our minds. As you can see the menu is completely random but oh so good....we spend hours making and tasting and sipping wine. Most of the time someone passes out on the couch (ahem....Stine) from too much wine... one is watching repeat  episodes of Chelsea Lately... another is well i'm usually devouring whatever fashion magazine is floating around. It's pure bliss and good for the soul to be around people you love and adore.

These next few weeks always tend to be a little stressful on everyone...for some stress rolls of their back and becomes nothing more then a petty annoying reminder of things that are going on. To others stress changes their mood and attitude... I guess the best advice I am currently trying to follow is be helpful, listen, be scarce if someone is busy and don't take things too least try not to take things too personally...i'm a sensitive creature so I have to remind myself of this often.... What is your advice for dealing with stress?

10 days til Christmas!!! Ahhh the countdown has officially begun!!


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