December 7, 2010



Man O man all I wanna do is blog and talk about my favorite subject: Fashion. But unfortunately a little thing called life is pulling me away. I thought I would put together some of my favorite photos that are floating around on my iPhone....

Stine Bean

A sketch of me made by my bestie...for her illustration class 

Peace and Love, Mine is the red one

My babe and I on one of those perfect days at the beach 

This photos makes me smile every time I view it.

1. My boyfriend is graduating from college on the 20th....I couldn't be more proud...I have currently been a cheerleader (which i'm not very good at and am probably more annoying then anything...but i just cant stand down)  to help him along this last grueling week of studying and finals.

2. Christmas is coming...FAST!

3. How come us Californians are 58 degrees...yes here we turn up the heaters when its that cold....spoiled!

4. I want to go to an ugly sweater party...

5. I want to post my x-mas list...but unfortunately it has turned into a biggie

6. I miss my fam bam... COME VISIT ME!

Ugh....Random but meaningful thoughts I have not been able to avoid in my head...

Does this time of year boggle you at all?

Ok Ok...Thanks for reading...Back to my regular posts tomorrow! :)

Have a fabulous day!!

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