December 13, 2010

Tell Him Don't Hold His Breath For Me

Dress: French Connection, Tights: Target, Shoes: Bamboo
Bracelets: Everywhere

My boyfriend states "you look like your heading out for a night in Vegas".... my response..."this is way too loose babe" :)

Cant a girl just dress up for her man...I mean seriously I just wanted to look nice for him and feel like I was going somewhere awesome. Besides its sparkly and has totally been neglected in the back of my closet for months and months. I thought is was about time to bring out some holiday cheer/sparkle.

I attempted to go shopping this weekend...I just cant do it...I resort to online...I cant handle the lines or incredibly rude people it totally brings me down and does not boost my holiday moral what so ever. My roommates and I set up our 1 foot tall Christmas tree (if you follow me on Twitter you most likely saw'll this beast) and have been gazing at it ever since....To lighten and spruce things up we also bought a holiday scented candle...scent..."Christmas Tree"

Hope everyones shopping adventures are coming along...Thank you again for all your comments and support I enjoy them ALL!!

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