June 28, 2011

Avenue Dance

Bugs <3
Photo byyy meee...Hotties

My bb brother and I 

My roomie decided she wanted to crash the stage/set.... So we did.

Heyy Booos! 

My little brother just got on a plane home and I miss him already! Too.Much.Fun.
We only ran into one problem, we lost his wallet....Oooops! Well everyone please know that you can get onto a plane without a government issued ID....after you answer about 60 questions...about your parents. Crazy.

The crew and I attended a street festival this weekend... It rocked.  I wore short sleeves and shorts due to the hot HOT weather. Now that its down pouring randomly today...I wish it was back to HOT. Figures. 

On my way to check out every ones blog....HIIII to my new followers and THANK YOU for all the comments!


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