June 21, 2011

Baby It's HOT Outside

Hat: F21
Bandeau: F21
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Sunnies: Santa Cruz, CA
Vest: Report
Heels: BCBG 

Hey Everyone!

I finally finished my class and am officially on summer break (for three whole weeks)...and it's awesome status and 90 degrees out... WhOoP! 

My bestie and I have been working on a new platform for our shop so things have been super busy and hectic. She kindly took these photos for me...Gracias Babe!

I'm wearing one of my straw hats again...I love them and they keep the sun off my face. I hate sun on my face...I'm scared of wrinkles!

HIIIiii to all my new followers and thanks you to all your sweet comments in the last post! xoxoxo!


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