June 13, 2011

Giving Hot Mess A New Meaning

Tim McGraw Smiles...Though it could have been the pre party...

My Roomie...Loved her Makeup 

My Plaid Crew...And my lil Smurf is questioning the night fun. Nice Hat yellow plaid! 
I went to the Haight St Festival on Sunday. This was the only pic I liked. My only complaint...NO ONE showed up! lol. 
Happy Monday Friends!

Spent my weekend hanging with my besties listening to the twang of country music and attempting to fit in with cowboys by wearing plaid and boots. I think it worked...I think.

Sunday I cruised up to SF for the Haight St festival...WOW..it was a mile long and shoulder to shoulder people. Definitely made for some interesting people watching.

New outfit posts this week coming up!


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